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Friday, July 31, 2009

Engagement Surprise!

Today was an important day in my best friend's life. After a pretty rough summer, today was dedicated just to her, and from the looks of it she is pleased. It was a day filled with sneaking around, scavenger hunts, emotions, and surprises... along with almost getting caught....

The husband-to-be took Kim, the best friend, on a scavenger hunt around her college campus, ultimately leading her to him. He was of course a nervous wreck- something entertaining considering that he normally keeps a pretty level head.

There were plenty of laughs, tears, and hugs... and one very important yes.

After the scavenger hunt, there were more surprises. Andrew, the husband-to-be, had a collection of friends a family back at Kim's apartment waiting for her. Needless to say she was shocked and excited.

And some photos to share with you-

The happy couple...

Shock at seeing a house full of friends...

Overall it was a great way to end weeks of planning, and late night phone calls. Two very deserving and loving people had a wonderful, joyful day.


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